Paras Public School

Director Message

The director is the strong backbone of our Paras Public School. Since year, Mr. Dharam Singh has been helping students in achieving their career goals in most effective ways. But analyzing and paying attention to the most issues in great details, the director makes sure that children are getting best of the infrastructure and education facilities.

A strong academic background makes him understand educational needs of the children and to guide them in most effective manner possible. Young minds of our school look up to him as a role model. Personal attention given to each and every child by the director builds up their confidence and inspires them to explore the journey of life in unique ways.

Mr. Dharam Singh
Director (Paras Public School)

Paras Public School

Parent's Testimonial

Mr. Lalit Singh
Parent of Vaanya

"Our child's academic achievements at Paras Public School speak volumes about the school's commitment to excellence. We're proud to be part of a community that values and fosters a love for learning."

Mrs. Preeti Pathak
Parent of Hridyansh

"The caring and supportive environment at Paras Public School have made our child's school years memorable. The dedicated staff ensures a nurturing space where our child feels both challenged and encouraged."

Mr. Arun Bhati
Parent of Vansh & Rudra

"Beyond academics, Paras Public School focuses on our child's character and personal growth. It's a place where they not only learn subjects but also develop crucial life skills for a well-rounded future."

Mr. Rohit Singh
Parent of Ranveer & Rajeev

"Communication at Paras Public School is top-notch. The regular updates and transparent channels keep us informed and involved in our child's education, fostering a strong connection between parents and educators."