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Atal Tinkering Labs

Atal Tinkering Labs is a workplace that enables the young mind to shape their ideas hands-on do it yourself mode. Where young children are offered opportunities to work with tools and equipment to understand the concept of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math’s). It empowers youth with the 21st Century skills of Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, Social and Cross-Cultural Collaboration, Ethical Leadership, etc. To help Build innovative solutions for India’s unique problems, thereby supporting the nation’s efforts to grow as a knowledge economy

What is the Tinkering Lab in the context of education?

With regards to schooling, the tinkering lab refers to space where the adolescents can explore different avenues regarding, learn, create and conceptualize distinctive logical thoughts. It is a lot similar to DIY method where the students are encouraged to apply the knowledge that they have gained in the classroom. It does not just assist the students to learn the real-life application and importance of the theories they have learned from their books however will likewise foster a characteristic proclivity towards STEM. Truth be told, science is something to be “felt and experienced” rather than perusing and learning.

The Newton didn’t “learn” about gravity in books however “encountered” the apple falling upon his head that drives him to find the law of gravity. Similarly, the Archimedes law was found when the mathematician was cleaning up and saw that sitting inside a bath brought about the removal of water, something that in the end prompted Archimedes’ law. Thus, assuming the understudies are offered the best climate and instruments for all intents and purposes encountering the hypotheses they learned in the homeroom, they would likewise be urged to burrow further and develop a genuinely new thing.

Truth be told, assuming we investigate a large portion of the logical or designing developments, we would see that advancement happens when one or two speculations are offered a mixed together in a significant, zeroed in way. It is the thing that precisely occurs in an Atal Tinkering Lab where the understudies can not just essentially explore different avenues regarding the information they have acquired in the study hall however can likewise attempt to reshape the speculations and see the adjusted outcomes.

The Atal Tinkering Labs not just have a legitimate arrangement of hardware to work with experimentation yet in addition an ideal quiet climate and the organization of companions with the very interests that further paces up the learning system and welcomes more consideration. Moreover, there are guides and lab aides to guarantee the wellbeing of the understudies, try not to misuse of devices and hardware and all the more significantly to answer the “hows, whats and whys” of understudies. Additionally, they likewise offer an all around defined introductory period of experimentation or dabbling that would then lead the understudies to learn, conceptualize and enhance all alone. Fiddling has effectively changed the training construction of many created countries with beneficial outcomes and presently India is completely ready to exploit Atal Tinkering Labs

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Parent's Testimonial

Mr. Lalit Singh
Parent of Vaanya

"Our child's academic achievements at Paras Public School speak volumes about the school's commitment to excellence. We're proud to be part of a community that values and fosters a love for learning."

Mrs. Preeti Pathak
Parent of Hridyansh

"The caring and supportive environment at Paras Public School have made our child's school years memorable. The dedicated staff ensures a nurturing space where our child feels both challenged and encouraged."

Mr. Arun Bhati
Parent of Vansh & Rudra

"Beyond academics, Paras Public School focuses on our child's character and personal growth. It's a place where they not only learn subjects but also develop crucial life skills for a well-rounded future."

Mr. Rohit Singh
Parent of Ranveer & Rajeev

"Communication at Paras Public School is top-notch. The regular updates and transparent channels keep us informed and involved in our child's education, fostering a strong connection between parents and educators."