Paras Public School

Paras Public School was established in year 2011 at Noida. The idea and conviction of school was to establish a climate for the offspring of the city and close by where they can learn, develop and form into great heart kinsmen.

Paras Public school Best School in Greater Noida west emphasizes the conviction of making superb scholarly offices accessible to the students of its instructive establishments. Our undertaking is to bestow to the students a dream for existence with an expansive skyline so they can confront difficulties in future easily.

At Paras Public School we comprehend those kids come from various foundations and along these lines must be dealt with at various levels. The correspondence between the student and the teacher at the level of the former serves to fabricate a solid connection between the two that establishes a superior learning climate in the study halls. The understudy admires the instructor with veneration and takes the expression of the educator as the gospel. The teacher accordingly should attempt to satisfy the hopes of the understudy. I feel pleased that our educators understand this and acknowledge a similar earnestly. The point of the school isn’t just the exchange of the educational plan however we pleased ourselves in dominating in other co-academic exercises like Music/dance/Sports and many other extra curriculum activities. Instructing through Smart Boards and different cutting-edge preparing helps becomes powerful and fascinating however anything can supplant the teacher’s individual compatibility with the students.

Exceptional Laboratory for General Science is functionary for the understudies of class VI X where youngsters are presented to the useful information. For class XI XII the school has independent Labs for performing practical in different subjects. The Laboratories are updated each year in the start of the academics.

Bestowing of IT education is required for each school to keep students side by side with the cutting-edge advances. The cbse schools in noida is delicate to satisfy the necessity by setting up exceptional IT Labs both for junior and senior area Students. Notwithstanding those youngsters are educated through savvy sheets which are introduced in each class.









Paras Public School

Parent's Testimonial

Mr. Lalit Singh
Parent of Vaanya

"Our child's academic achievements at Paras Public School speak volumes about the school's commitment to excellence. We're proud to be part of a community that values and fosters a love for learning."

Mrs. Preeti Pathak
Parent of Hridyansh

"The caring and supportive environment at Paras Public School have made our child's school years memorable. The dedicated staff ensures a nurturing space where our child feels both challenged and encouraged."

Mr. Arun Bhati
Parent of Vansh & Rudra

"Beyond academics, Paras Public School focuses on our child's character and personal growth. It's a place where they not only learn subjects but also develop crucial life skills for a well-rounded future."

Mr. Rohit Singh
Parent of Ranveer & Rajeev

"Communication at Paras Public School is top-notch. The regular updates and transparent channels keep us informed and involved in our child's education, fostering a strong connection between parents and educators."